The largest country of Africa is Algeria, situated near Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea. Most people live in the broad, mountainous coastal strip in the north. In the south you can find the Sahara, an area that is very sparsely populated. Several world heritage sites can be found in Algeria.

For example the ruins of Djemilla, a good example of how the Romans adapted their urban planning to the mountains. al-Qal'a, the first capital of emir Beni Hammad, a beautiful Muslim town, is definitely worth visiting. Besides, beautiful nature areas such as the M'Zab valley and the Ottoman ruins should not be skipped either.

People who are looking for adventure holidays could travel to the south and go into the desert, but people who prefer cities, art and culture, had better stay in the north. In this Maghreb country, there is definitely no lack of cultural activities. Algeria knows many different music styles, inspired by Andalusian influences and Bedouin music.

Because the Arab Spring does not have many supporters in Algeria (yet), it is a relatively quiet and safe country to visit, and we can definitely recommend it!

Attraction Algeria

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About Algeria

  • Capital: Algiers
  • Area: 2.381.741
  • Population: 35.468.200
  • Language: Arabisch
  • Currency: Algerijnse dinar (DZD)

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