Andalucia, the Southern most region of Spain is located between two worlds and so it forms the ultimate meetingpoint between Africa and Europe, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. As a result of that, Andalucia can be seen as the treasure chamber of cultural Spain. Andalucia is the miracle of Spain and even the miracle of Europe because of it’s nature.

From the landscape of Europe’s only desert and the snow covered mountain tops in the East till the golden beaches in the West. Andalucia is magical! The cultural treasures of Andalucia originate in the old Arab Andalucian civilization, also known as Al-Andalus. Much of what you see will remind you of this prosperous time and therefore Andalucia is undoubtedly the pearl of Spain.

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About Andalucia

  • Capital: Sevilla
  • Area: 505.992
  • Population: 46.661.950
  • Language: Spaans
  • Currency: Euro

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