In Southeast Asia India is situated, which, after China, is the most densely populated country in the world with more than 1.2 billion inhabitants. People who are looking for peace and quiet should avoid the Indian cities and travel to the mountains in the north or the countryside right away. However, people who like vibrant, lively holidays will love the capital New Delhi and the largest city of the country, Bombay. Although only about 13% of the country is Islamic, India is still in the top three of countries with the largest number of Muslims worldwide. Consequently, Islam has had a lot of influence on Indian history. Because of its large size and very diverse nature and people, India offers tourists very diverse holidays.

But an attraction that you most definitely should not miss is the Taj Mahal in Agra (North-India), a majestic mausoleum, that Shah Jahan built for his wife in 1648. The building is a stunning mixture of Hindu and Islamic architecture. The Ganges is worth a visit too, but swimming in this strongly polluted river cannot be recommended. Adventure lovers could go into the mountains in the north, which will not be an easy enterprise with tops as high as nearly 8600 metres. Public transport in India is very well organized; in the cities you can take a taxi or rickshaw and when you want to travel through the country the train is a pleasant means of transport. The railroad is spread throughout India and while you are on your way, you can enjoy the stunning natural beauty that this special country has to offer.

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About India

  • Capital: Delhi
  • Area: 3.287.263
  • Population:
  • Language: Hindi
  • Currency: Indiase roepie (INR)

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