Although Islam is not Indonesia's state religion, the country has the largest Muslim population in the world, thanks to Arab tradesmen who introduced Islam here. The Republic was ruled by the Dutch for about 350 years and has known turbulent years since its independence.In spite of these turbulent years, Indonesia is still a beautiful country to visit; the country is very fertile and it has large nature areas. Besides, you can find the one but largest biodiversity in the world, because of the size of the area and its tropical climate. Nature lovers will enjoy this country greatly! A number of sights have been included on the World Heritage List.

They should definitely not be missed when visiting this diverse country. They include beautiful buildings as well as many national parks, where you can admire many animals, such as the Javan rhino, that is seriously threatened with extinction.. The archipelago does not lack art and culture either. Traditional wrought ironwork, puppetry and art deco architecture are only a few examples of what Indonesia has to offer. So in spite of the fact that this country might not be an apparent choice, it is definitely worth visiting!

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About Indonesia

  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Area: 1.904.569
  • Population: 240.271.522
  • Language: Indonesisch
  • Currency: roepia (IDR)

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