Jordan, a desert rich in historical highlights. Ninety percent of this magnificent Arabic country consists of sands, such as the vast Wadi Rum desert. Still, throughout the ages, several peoples settled here, which is evidenced by the impressive buildings. In the capital Amman, for example, you can find a Roman theater and multiple mosques, and old castles in the surrounding desert. Very famous is the ancient city of Petra, which was partly carved out of rocks and was proclaimed a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

The current people from Jordan will welcome you with Arabic hospitality, whether this is in the urban souks (markets), or in the Bedouin camps. In the Dead Sea you can dive and snorkel to the colorful coral reefs, while the high salinity of the water purifies your skin. In short, Jordan is an impressive holiday destination for those who fancy Arabic culture and history.

Attraction Jordan

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About Jordan

  • Capital: Amman
  • Area: 92,300
  • Population: 6.342.948 (2009)
  • Language: Arabisch
  • Currency: Jordaanse dinar (JOD)

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