Tunisia lies in North-Africa and is the smallest country in theMaghreb. With its hospitable people, sweet kitchen and rich historyTunisiais definitely worth a visit. The elongated coastline also makesTunisiaan attractive place to stay. On the golden beaches you can enjoy the clear blue water and the warm sunbeams.

The capital cityTunisis known for its old 13th century medina. Carthago, the city ofHannibal, the man who once stood up against the Romans, is a national monument where you can find many other things of Roman time. Go into theSahara, make dromedary-trips or visit the 9th century Sidi Okba mosque, it is all possible in sunny and allround Tunesia.

Attraction Tunisia

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About Tunisia

  • Capital: Tunis
  • Area: 163.610
  • Population: 10.486.339
  • Language: Arabisch
  • Currency: Tunesische dinar (TND)

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