Turkey, the bridge between Europe and the Middle East, is a country of extremes. Istanbul symbolizes the illustrious history, with the magnificent Blue mosque and the Aya Sofia, which transformed from a Byzantine cathedral via a mosque into a museum.

Walk through the ancient streets of Efeze, one of the largest excavations of the antiquity, where Greeks and Romans preceded you.Visit the magnificent white limestone terraces of Pamukkale and embark on a balloon flight over Göreme Milli Parki with its spectacularly eroded rock formations.

Altogether,Turkey has much more to offer than solely beach vacations at the Mediterranean Sea, because of the many impressive cultural and natural attractions.

Attraction Turkey

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About Turkey

  • Capital: Ankara
  • Area: 783.562
  • Population: 76.805.524
  • Language: Turks
  • Currency: Turkse lira (TL)

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